One of the rules of brand strategy in any business especially real estate is to speak the language of your  target market.  In order to that, research comes into play.  Research takes time, and discussion in order to decide on an approach.  This leads to a branding strategy which includes a graphic, a name, a reason to exist, and be of value in the marketplace.


We spotted this brand of wine at Trader Joe's recently.  The etching of the boar on the label is beautiful done.  This is a red blend from the Central Coast called Raucous Red Blend.  The winery is called RunRiotWine.  Their slogan is "no rules when wine rules".  Their claim to fame is that unlike other wineries, they don't chase the boars way who roam in their vineyard.  It was initially priced between $22 to $18.  


Our knowledgeable wine friend told us, this wine is very, jammy, fruit forward, not for you.  The reviews were mostly favorable: not a very high rating and not a very low rating.  It is evident they were going for that Kangaroo wine Label (Yellow Tail) market.  This market is for those who just want a good inexpensive wine worrying about the finer points of wine making.  

Judging by the "new" price, it is evidently the brand did not attract their target market...Perhaps Kangaroos are cuter than boars to those folks. What do you think?