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Here is one of the most common questions we get from luxury real estate marketing professionals: 

How can I focus on selling luxury homes without alienating my clients is other price ranges?

One answer is to create separate brands for the two components of your real estate practice.   One stands for luxury the other stands for your general practice.  Follow the wisdom of Daimler, manufacturer of both Mercedes Benz and smart (all lower case).  

In the early 1990s the inventor of Swatch approached Mercedes Benz to realize his vision of the “ultra-urban” car.  Although, the car took off fast in Europe and elsewhere around the world it was introduced to the United State ten years later as the 37th country to sell smart for two.  

One of the coolest things about this car is that it can back into a parking space because it is as long and it is wide. Two smart cars can actually fit into a single parking space! However that  type of parking is prohibited in most US jurisdictions and some cites around the world. 

The key takeaway here for luxury real estate marketing professionals, from a branding standpoint, is that smart does not dilute the MBZ brand nor does it alienate would-be smart buyers. It works much better to create two brands rather than branding the “ultra-urban” car as “MBZsmart” or “Mercedes Benz” mini.  

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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