A couple of weeks ago when Ron was at the Apple Genius Bar in Santa Barbara, I chose to window shop.  The entrance to Sur La Table had this great presentation board (pictured above), and as I walked in one of the sales associates asked me if I would like a cup of coffee.  

She opened a drawer full of jewel colored round capsules, and asked me to choose one.  Then she placed it into the machine, turned a knob, pressed a button, and a cup of coffee arrived in an instant.

It was amazing that the coffee had crema (a brownish foam that forms on top of freshly made espresso).  As a result, the coffee tasted as good as its aroma.   I thanked her, left the store and continued my journey on State Street.

I started noticing just how much I was enjoying sipping the coffee.  It was a treat, and not just a cup of coffee.  It occored to me that our coffee maker at home made good, but not great coffee. If purchased the Virtuoline, we would not need that the little espresso maker (we used only once)!

Ron, here.  After hearing Alexandra raving about her Nespresso coffee experience I naturally wanted to try a cup, too. So, it was back to Sur La Table for a taste.  What drew me in was the huge amount of crema on top of the coffee. Crema appears on a quality espresso but rarely on coffee itself and never this much.  Check out the 1” tall layer of crema in the image on the display.

They captured my attention through exceptional graphics and photography in the display and the sleek design of the Nespresso Virtuoline machine. They held my attention with a fabulous aroma, and a superb quality coffee taste.  But, the texture and amount of the crema in a simple cup of coffee that was like the frothy milk on top of a cappuccino, was the clincher!

In Part 3 of this article series we will cover the final steps that prompted us to purchase the machine and become self-appointed brand ambassadors. The takeaway, so far, is this: Whenever possible, engage as many senses as possible in your luxury real estate marketing and branding initiatives.

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Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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