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Whenever you are making a choice to buy a product or a service, there are two types of reasons to buy (or engage a service): logical and emotional.  Emotional reasons sell you; Logical reasons justify your choice. Here are the reasons that led us to buy the Nespresso Virtuoline:

Every aspect of packaging is exquisitely designed.

Nespresso, has rekindled our love for that single special cup of coffee (or latte, or cappuccino) in the morning with a freshly baked croissant and the single espresso (with a tidbit of dark chocolate, of course) after dinner upon occasion, a lifestyle element that we so much enjoy when we travel in Europe.

Capsules contain the top 1% of coffee grown in the world.  Nespresso refers to them as Grand Cru (associating with the wine term meaning first crush)

The enormous amount of crema at the top of the coffee not just the espresso is visually appealing; the texture enhances the taste of the coffee.


Brilliant engineering: The capsule spins; it uses centrifugal force to make sure the hot water hits every ground. They call this their “centrifusion TM” technology.  That is the secret behind the abundance of crema.

The Virtuoline model is two machines in one (coffee and espresso). It takes up less counter space.

Easy to clean: Before Nespresso, we considered having two machines (a coffee maker and an espresso machine) a hassle. We stopped making espressos and cappuccinos at home because the cleanup involved was not worth it. 

Easy to use with easy to read well-illustrated directions.

No more coffee filters to buy, and no need to measure coffee

Customer Service:  We joined the Nespresso Club, which makes re-ordering capsules a breeze.  They handle technical service and repairs directly.

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Environmental Consciousness: Used capsules are ejected in the special container in the machine.  UPS prepaid envelopes are supplied to send all the used capsules back to the firm for recycling; they are used in manufacturing the machines and new capsules.

The Nespresso brand changed our coffee drinking routine completely.  We no longer drink American style coffee and we actually drink less coffee.  We now enjoy the ritual of making coffee itself and take more time to savor each cup.  It is a welcome lifestyle change. 

Stay tuned for the final article in this series as we cover the brilliant brand strategy behind this outstanding luxury lifestyle brand.

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Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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